Defensibility in Disco

Disco provides end-to-end defensibility that lets you audit the path of every document from when it arrives in Disco through production and eventual matter deletion.

  1. New data is tracked in FTP logs for data transmitted by FTP and using chain-of-custody forms for data on physical drives delivered to the Disco office.
  2. Each ingest session generates a complete ingest report that indicates the disposition of every file from that ingest session. The report says what was done with the file (ingested, deduplicated, deNISTed, etc.) and reports any ingestion errors (password protected with no password supplied, etc.).
  3. Audit logs contain every action taken in Disco during review, who took the action, and when it happened, all with full granularity. This includes, for example, every search that was run and who ran it, every document that was viewed and who viewed it, and every tag that was applied or removed, when it was applied or removed, who applied or removed it, and whether it was done individually or as part of a mass tag.
  4. Production indexes and SHA1 and MD5 hashes of production zips ensure integrity of productions.

With FTP logs and chain-of-custody forms, complete ingest reports, audit logs, and production indexes and hashes, you can audit and defend each step of the ediscovery process.

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