LFD 9 – An all-in-one ediscovery platform from a real technology company

(This post is part of the Lawyer-Focused Design series, which explores 10 ways in which Disco is designed for lawyers.)

Disco handles everything after data leaves the enterprise. This includes full processing, early case assessment, review, analytics, and production.

Disco engineers at our headquarters in Houston built Disco. Unlike so many products on the market, Disco is not a processing engine from one company stitched to a search tool from another with a licensed viewer patched in and analytics “integrated” from still a different shop.

Because we wrote everything, everything works together. And because we are a software company, not a services company that licenses and assembles software from others, our focus and core competency is designing and building the best legal technology.

Lawyers don’t want to assemble specialized tools for different parts of the ediscovery process; they want one integrated platform that does everything and just works. And they want that platform from a technology company that takes the law seriously and puts lawyers first.

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