Look for the engineers

How do you tell whether a company is really a technology company? Look for the engineers.

Real technology companies have engineering departments, not engineers attached to other functional departments. Real technology companies list engineers and engineering leadership at the top of their “team” pages, not at the bottom. When you walk the halls in a real technology company, you see engineers with private offices and all the equipment they need. When you ask technical questions or have technical escalations, real technology companies can get the engineer who wrote the code on the phone and can push bug fixes or new features immediately. Real technology companies value and respect engineers; real technology companies have engineers at their core.

The ediscovery market is full of companies who claim to be technology companies and advertise their product offerings. But most of the time their products are cobbled together integrations of bits and pieces from here and there; a viewer from one place, duplicate detection and threading from somewhere else, analytics from a third company, and so on. The websites of places like this emphasize sales or services; these are sales or services companies, not technology companies. They are not where you go if what you are after is the very best technology — especially if you want not just the best technology now, but the best technology always.

Our core strengths at Disco are engineering and law. These are the strengths you need to build great legal technology. What’s surprising is not that you find them at Disco, but how rare they are in our industry.


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