LFD 7 – No installation, remote desktop, or hardware issues

(This post is part of the Lawyer-Focused Design series, which explores 10 ways in which Disco is designed for lawyers.)

Lawyers and law firms enjoy winning cases, not managing servers, handling installations and patches, or buying, maintaining, or retiring hardware.

It’s a story we hear from new customers all the time: they buy an installed product and a bunch of machines to run it on and hire expensive staff to keep the product and machines running. At first, it works great. But as the firm’s data size increases, or the machines got older, or new versions of the software come out, problems start creeping in. Performance degrades. There are months of “integration” or “rollout” before new technologies can be used. And it’s not clear who’s responsible for the problems, the software company, the vendor, or the law firm’s own IT department.

We maintain the hardware infrastructure that Disco runs on so that you can practice law, not worry about problems like these. We call this “managed-services infrastructure”: everything having to do with hardware, Disco handles. All you need to use Disco is a good Internet connection and a modern version of any major browser.

Disco managed-services infrastructure lets us (a) deliver consistently better performance than installed solutions; (b) tightly integrate our hardware with our software; (c) update software instantly, so you are always working with the latest technology; (d) use the best dedicated hardware — like enterprise-grade solid-state storage — money can buy; and (e) automatically scale the infrastructure up or down for you as the amount of data you have in Disco changes.

You keep your browser up to date; we handle everything else.

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