LFD 5 – Three simple screens

(This post is part of the Lawyer-Focused Design series, which explores 10 ways in which Disco is designed for lawyers.)

One screen for search: this lets you run and refine any search; displays results in a summary grid that shows key information about each result; allows you to download an index of search results; shows a search builder, search examples, search history, saved searches, and assignments; and lets you mass tag all or selected results.

One screen for review: this lets you view, add, and remove tags; navigate to related documents; see a near-native rendering of the document; see document metadata; apply, remove, or change redactions and document notes; click through search-term and global-highlighting hits; and download the original or any stamped copies from productions

One screen for productions: this lists and shows you details for all prior productions; lets you download, delete, or search within productions; and lets you create new productions with all production options.

Learn three screens and you can run a review in Disco. We don’t bury features behind endless wizards or separate sections. Everything you need is right in front of you.

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