LFD 4 – Productions are stored and searchable

(This post is part of the Lawyer-Focused Design series, which explores 10 ways in which Disco is designed for lawyers.)

Never again will you be forced to contact a vendor or litigation support to find documents from a prior production.

All productions are stored in Disco under “Produce” for the life of the matter. You can download the complete production, including an automatically generated index, any time.

When you run a production, Disco adds the stamped production images to the produced documents in your database. You can search for these images using Bates numbers. You can also filter searches by production and search within productions using Disco’s complete search syntax. And when you view a document that has been produced, you can download any of the Bates-stamped versions of that document in addition to the clean copy. What you see is exactly what opposing counsel received.

In multidistrict litigation, for example, antitrust or product-liability cases with multiple groups of plaintiffs in different forums, you may want to review a collection once but produce separately in dozens of different cases. In Disco, you can do this easily by running multiple productions from the same database with different Bates prefixes. Disco keeps track of the different productions and prefixes, lets you search within any of them, and lets you download the correct stamped version of any particular document for the case you are working on.

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