LFD 2 – Westlaw- and Lexis-style search syntax

(This post is part of the Lawyer-Focused Design series, which explores 10 ways in which Disco is designed for lawyers.)

The same search syntax you learned in law school works in Disco:

  1. space for Boolean or;
  2. & for Boolean and;
  3. % for Boolean not;
  4. quotation marks for phrases, for example, “signed agreement” to find that exact phrase;
  5. ! for stemming, for example, guarant! to find guaranty, guarantee, guarantor, guaranties, guarantees, etc.;
  6. /n for proximity searches, for example, lunch /40 shred to find lunch within 40 words of shred; and
  7. fieldname(terms) to search a field, for example, custodian(Holcombe) to search for Holcombe in the custodian field.

A lawyer fluent in Westlaw- or Lexis-style search needs no training to begin finding evidence faster in Disco.

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