Lawyer-Focused Design – Introduction

We like to say that Disco is better for two reasons: speed and lawyer-focused design.

Speed is easy to explain. We deliver 1/3 second search and 1/10 second document navigation even on the largest multiterabyte datasets. See for yourself in this brief video or on the live demo.

Lawyer-focused design is harder to explain because it consists of dozens of features of Disco, and, as important, features left out of Disco, that together make Disco work magically for lawyers. Lawyer-focused design means we design Disco for lawyers, not their staff. If you are a substantive litigator — an IP or securities or environmental or white-collar or other real litigator focused on winning cases, not the details of ediscovery — who has been looking for software to help you find evidence faster, Disco is the right choice.

Over the next 10 days, we will give 10 examples of how Disco is designed for lawyers. Next post: #1 – Speed.

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