How you work with Disco

Disco handles everything after litigation data leaves the enterprise firewall. How it WorksThis graphic explains how it works: (1) you work with a local Disco channel partner or your client’s IT team to forensically collect data from email and file servers and personal computers and digitize paper documents; (2) these documents are sent to Disco by secure FTP or on hard drives; (3) Disco provides full processing at redundant data centers in Arizona and Virginia; (4) when processing finishes, the data is available in Disco for review, with our 0.3 second search and 0.1 second document navigation (try it at; and (5) you can produce documents from your desk in all industry standard formats and download them or receive a hard drive for large productions.

Disco provides the technology (software for integrated processing, review, and production) as well as managed-services infrastructure (hardware at Disco data centers with no up front capex, ongoing opex, or maintenance or scaling hassles for you). Meanwhile, our channel partners — in all major US markets, plus London — provide adjacent services before, during, and after your review and a trusted, local point of contact for any support or project management questions.

Disco and CPs

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