Why testimonials are important

We want testimonials from customers and end users.  Testimonials serve a couple of different purposes.  First, they provide an effective means for people who have never used the product to see others honest assessments of the product based on real world experience using Disco.  Secondly, testimonials tend to cause the customer to use Disco again.

For testimonials to be effective, the research indicates they need to concretely show the benefits of using the product, such as how reviewers were able to go from never having seen the software to using it effectively in a review in under an hour or how Disco allowed the review to proceed must more quickly than other review tools.  Testimonials should also substantiate the claims being made when the channel partners are selling Disco.  For example, a good testimonial might say that Disco is remarkably (10x) faster than any other review tool they have ever used.

Good testimonials are from people to whom other potential customers can relate (paralegals or attorneys) and be credible.  Testimonials are most credible when the witness is willing to attach their name, picture, and city to it.

Good testimonials also tend to cause the customer to use Disco again.  Social psychologists have known for decades that people experience strong personal and interpersonal pressure to behave consistently with commitments those people have made. Consistency is a powerful motivator because it is a socially desirable trait while inconsistency is seen as undesirable.  Commitment is the key, however.  Once a person has taken a stand on something, that person has a natural tendency to behave in a manner consistent with the commitment they have made.  Publicly made commitments tend to be more powerful and last longer than private commitments.

Getting a customer to publicly commit to Disco’s excellence will cause them to view it more favorably in the future.  Likewise, a testimonial where a user commits to using Disco again will increase the likelihood that the customer provides repeat business.

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