Sales acceleration services for Disco channel partners

Channel sales are our way of giving end users the best of both services and technology: Disco provides technology (10x faster search) and managed-services infrastructure (automatically scaling hardware with no up-front investment by channel partners or end users); our channel partners provide trusted relationships in each local market and the full array of services, from forensic collections to project management to trial graphics, that end users need.

We have recently doubled down on the support we provide to channel partners in bringing Disco to market:

  1. Sales Collateral. We provide up-to-date, detailed sales collateral to help channel partners highlight Disco’s benefits and address customer objections. See, for example, our Disco Deep Dive: Security, Disco Deep Dive: Processing, and Objection Kill Sheet.
  2. Sales Training for Channel Partner Reps. We do in-person training for all channel partner sales reps when a new channel partner signs. Sales training covers positioning (“for your biggest, most important cases”), competitive selling (v. Relativity, which is our customers’ number-one switching-from, v. Concordance, v. Summation), messaging, how to do a Disco demo, details about Disco operations, roadmap, and Disco resources available to channel partner reps. View a sample sales training deck here.
  3. Disco sales reps to do demos and help close. Our sales associates are available to do Disco demos for channel-partner reps both in-person and by screenshare and to help follow-up with leads, address objections, and close sales. We try to send reps in-person to major markets at least twice a month and can always send reps in-person for important demos. Our reps are available to help channel partners sell and deepen our channel partners’ relationships with their customers.
  4. Weekly lead reviews, monthly and quarterly business reviews. We encourage channel partners to share lead sheets on a form we provide that tracks contacts, progress through the sales cycle, and next steps on a weekly basis. This lets our sales associates help drive the closing process and share best practices across regions. We also encourage our channel partners to participate in monthly telephone or in-person and quarterly in-person business reviews where we talk both strategically and tactically about how we can help the channel partner grow its Disco line of business in its market. We reward participation in these lead reviews and business reviews by referring inbound end user leads to partners who are actively working with us to grow our businesses together — and intend to step up our level of lead referral in the next several months.
  5.  User-experience program. Disco staff who are ex-litigation associates or partners at major law firms (Hogan Lovells, Pillsbury Winthrop, Camara & Sibley, Perkins Coie, Vinson & Elkins) call on existing users to do onboarding for new projects and new users, ensure that our end users are having a great experience, address areas for improvement with Disco engineering and Disco operations, and ask end users for referrals to others inside or outside their organizations who might benefit from Disco. Historically, this is the single most effective sales accelerant (going from one partner to three partners to five to a practice group to an office to a firm) we provide: end users appreciate being able to talk to an expert in Disco who is also a former senior commercial litigator who understands exactly what they’re trying to do.
  6. Jointly funded marketing in local markets. We fund local marketing efforts on a case-by-case basis with channel partners, generally 50 – 50. For example, we will be the platinum sponsors of the Women Lawyers’ Association of Los Angeles’s gala and have recently sponsored ABA section activities in Atlanta. As a condition of our funding, lead lists from these events go through our weekly lead lists and monthly and quarterly business review programs so that we and our channel partners can measure the return on investment. We are always open to proposal from channel partners for new local marketing to do.
  7. National Disco branding and customer references. We invest in national branding activities, like Legal Tech New York, and provide customer references from Disco end users (now including 30 of the AmLaw 200 and 10 of the AmLaw 50) to assist channel partners in opening up and closing new leads.
  8. CP-SIC, our spiff program for channel partner reps. We fully fund a spiff program for channel partner reps selling Disco. The program pays out $100 – $500 per person for demos and $1,000 – $10,000 for new cases in Disco, payable directly to the channel partner rep responsible for the activity or new business. This lets channel partners richly incentivize their reps at no cost to the channel partner.

Disco is a technology company, not a services organization. We rely on our channel partners to deploy reliable and innovative services suited to their local markets and to develop and maintain trusted relationships with end users in those markets. Channel partners are the “last mile” of the ediscovery industry. If there’s something we can do to help our channel partners sell, we do it.

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