Just call us Mr. Market, or why you can’t beat Disco on price

Some enterprise customers, the sorts of companies with dozens of TB loaded in ediscovery software, have been telling us that their legacy vendors, folks like Kroll, have started coming by and offering “a few TB free.” When asked why they’re suddenly feeling generous after years of, how shall we put this, extortionate pricing, these vendors say they are “just responding to the market.”

Well, call us Mr. Market.

3 TB free on 30 TB of data amounts to a 10% discount from legacy prices. Disco bids, by contrast, frequently come in at 50% or less relative to legacy prices. We can do it because of our fully automated processing and proprietary technology, built in-house. And with our national network of channel partners (all major US cities + London and Delhi), we can offer an end-to-end ediscovery solution including everything from forensic collections to trial graphics, with Disco and our managed infrastructure as the technology piece and local, trusted channel partners as the services piece. All this is with no up-front investment from customers for licenses, hardware infrastructure, installations, or staffing.

Lawyers don’t pick ediscovery software on price. That’s why Disco’s marketing centers on our 10x speed improvement over the competition (1/3 second search and 1/10 second document navigation, even on multi TB databases) and lawyer-focused design (things like Westlaw- and Lexis-style syntax for searches). But in case you do care about price, we’ve got that too: Disco will never be beat on price in an apples-to-apples comparison (processing, review, users, productions with a legacy vendor v. Disco all-in-one pricing). It’s not even close.

Price is simply not an issue with Disco — which means lawyers, like our users at more than 30 of the AmLaw 200 and 10 of the AmLaw 50, can finally use software they love.


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