Overcoming Objections: The Two Minute Demo

One objection potential customers raise is they are too busy to see a demo. The customer expects to spend 30-60 minutes looking at the software and doesn’t want to commit the time.  The solution is the two minute demo.

Instead of asking for and scheduling a time to show the software, the next time you are in a potential customer’s office or have a customer on the phone ask if the person can spare two minutes to see something.  When you get a yes, have them go to the demo website (demo.csdisco.com). It is important to have them do the typing and to do it from their work computer. Have them log in using the pre-populated fields. Have them select any of the three cases and have them run a search. Do any search they want, but I recommend using “Ken Lay” because it will return slightly more than 20,000 results.  That’s it. That’s the two minute demo.

By doing this, you let the customer see Disco’s two biggest selling points: speed and ease of use. You’ve also demonstrated Westlaw-style search syntax and show the potential customer how fast Disco will run on their system and over their Internet connection, using a 60gb document set running on our production servers.  Coupled with the most recent whitepaper describing Disco’s features, the two minute demo is a great introduction to the product and should be enough to get you a real, longer demo in front of decision makers.

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