Free ediscovery software for law school classrooms

We have a standing offer at Disco to make the complete Enron dataset available in a fully functional Disco database, with unlimited accounts for students, for anyone teaching a law school class. If you’re interested in this, send email to CeCe Cohen at We can also optionally provide guest speakers, who are ex litigation partners or law professors who now work at Disco, to talk with students about Disco or legal technology in general.

Disco can be included in a course focused on ediscovery or in a broader skills course covering the litigation process. A sample syllabus for the latter kind of course is available here. For the former kind of course, the takeaways for students are:

  1. an understanding of the ediscovery market, including technology companies v. services companies v. channel partners;
  2. the relationship between law firms, managed-review providers, and alternative legal providers like Axiom;
  3. an appreciation of the importance of ediscovery to the outcome of major cases;
  4. the ediscovery process, from investigation to conference to collection to review to production, and the kinds of motion disputes that can come up along the way as well as how they are typically resolved (both practically through negotiation and by courts);
  5. the technical details of ediscovery software (ingestion, deduplication, etc.);
  6. best practices for participating in or organizing a large review;
  7. costs of a review and how to control them;
  8. client-management issues (hiding data, inadvertently or otherwise);
  9. spoliation, proving it, and obtaining sanctions; and
  10. the frontiers of legal technology, both in the ediscovery space and beyond.

A real, nitty-gritty understanding of legal technology and how it can be used by great lawyers to accomplish 10x what they could accomplish before, will be essential to lawyers’ careers over the next 30 years.

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