Disco Release Notes

Like most pieces of software, Disco is being updated constantly.  In an effort to share some of the most recent updates, below are the release notes for December 16, 2013 to January 20, 2014.


  • Near-native PDFs now display in the review tab for unknown file types
  • Extra whitepace in Concordance load files is now supported
  • Added ImagePath as supported load file metadata
  • Addressed a concurrency issue to allow more than one production to be run from a single database at the same time
  • Improved production speed by using batch inserts


  • Improved date range search speed
  • Addressed concurrency issue to ensure all documents are timely marked for production
  • Increased page responsiveness by changing the way audit events are written
  • Use load file supplied PDF and OCR text if a native document fails to load
  • Improved production performance
  • Fixed attachments of deduplicated parents not receiving all deduplicated metadata
  • Fixed range queries for bates numbers that contain spaces


  • Improved text encoding detection for files using UTF-8 without a BYTE ORDER MARK
  • Made custom fields available for searching in search builder
  • Added custom fields to search results report
  • Supported searching on custom field names that contain spaces
  • Fixed bates extraction from email file names
  • Added support for overlay files that only use custom fields
  • Search builder was changed to handle custom names with spaces


  • Upgraded to a newer version of RavenDB
  • Improved PDF rendering in IE 11
  • Improved searching in the DocumentNote field to include quoted phrases
  • Improved mass tagging speed
  • Improved searching with proximity clauses that contain phrases


  • Improved search syntax to handle unusual searches (eg a/n (b c d))
  • Changed indexing to better capture Powerpoint notes
  • Improved handling of quotes from search syntax copied from Word documents
  • Altered processing to leave zip files and other containers in a load file as natives

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