$2M in funding for Disco

We are delighted to announce that we have closed a $2M series A round of venture capital from LiveOak Venture Partners. Krishna Srinivasan, a LiveOak general partner, has joined our board. You can read the official press release here.

Disco will use this new investment to accelerate our growth, tripling the size of our engineering, sales, and operations teams in 2014. Our customers can expect continued investment in the infrastructure that makes Disco the fastest ediscovery product on the market; a faster schedule of feature releases, including our versions of advanced analytics and suggested tags; and launch of a comprehensive marketing, sales, onboarding, training, and support program to make switching to Disco easier than ever.

Recognition is due to our early team: Gabe Krambs, our first engineer, and now lead engineer, UI; Barry Hagan, our second engineer, and now our Chief Technology Officer and head of the engineering department; Kent Radford, my former law partner and now sales associate for large accounts; Alex Torry, our first salesman and now sales associate for channel sales; Mike Wilson, who has done every job that needs doing and is now operations associate for onboarding, training, and support; and CeCe Cohen, my longtime assistant who really runs the show. If you like Disco so far, you have them to thank.

A year after launch, Disco is used by more than 60 law firms and corporate legal departments in the US and the UK, including 3 of the top 20 law firms and 2 of the top 5 insurance companies in the world. I could not be more excited about leading the team that achieved this into 2014.

I am also glad to see the continued growth of legal technology and the growing support for legal investments by leading venture capital firms. Companies like Disco, Lex Machina, Judicata, and others are going to revolutionize the way the law works — and they will do so quickly, within the next 10 years. Together, this wave of companies will enable open access to primary law, automate its analysis, deliver on-point advice and accurate legal diagnoses, surface evidence quickly and automate legal compliance, and otherwise provide great lawyers the tools they need to achieve great results.

There aren’t many things more important to work on: the law is the foundation of our society, the platform on which are built the companies that change the world and the organizations in which we live our lives. By building the best legal technology in the world we can help lawyers deliver on the law’s promise of reasoned rule. That’s why we’re here.

Here’s to year two.

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