Suggested Pricing: Not For The Faint Of Heart

We believe our technology is the best on the market, and we think people who see the product will believe so as well.  Based in part on that belief, we have chosen not to set any suggested pricing for Disco.  We think our channel partners know their particular markets and know what customers are willing to pay.  E-discovery pricing also has different structures in different markets, and that fact does not generally allow for one suggested price. For example, customers are used to paying for productions by the hour in some markets and by the page in others.

One approach to pricing seems to apply regardless of the market, though, and brings the emphasis back to the superiority of the product:  match the competitions’ prices on hosting and offer a 25-30% discount on everything else, sight unseen. 

This approach has several benefits aside from always being the lowest price.  It shows a strong belief in the technology, which is important because a customer should be reluctant to use something in which the vendor doesn’t believe.  Second, it allows the channel partner to make more money than other pricing models because of the currently inflated pricing in the field.  Third, and I think most important,  the discount percentage is high enough that most of the competition won’t be willing or able to match the price.  This forces the conversation back to which product is superior.  Given what Disco does and how fast it does it, we feel that is a conversation that will favor us every time.

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