Good, Fast, Cheap: Pick Three

Everyone has heard the old joke:  “Fast, good, cheap: pick any two.”  We believe you can have all three with Disco.

We have the fast part down.  As detailed in an earlier post, Disco is extremely fast and beats the advertised speeds of any eDiscovery software out there.

We think we have the good part handled.  The software is easy to use with searching syntax that lawyers already know and an interface that is familiar to anyone who has ever done an internet search.  The software also provides an ingestion engine and production page which allow users to run a review from start to finish with plain English explanations and little support required.

We also have the cheap part covered.  We offer Disco for what we believe to be some of the lowest prices in the market.  Our price includes everything: ingestion (including deduplication, threading, and deNISTing among others), review (with near-native PDF, text only, and native views), and production.  There is simply no need to have separate tools for ingestion, ECA, and production (and pay the associated costs).  Since Disco is offered in a software as a service model, users also get the latest improvements and upgrades immediately when they are rolled out for no additional cost.

So, why settle for two when you can have all three?

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