Big Cases

Disco shines on big cases.

The largest single database in Disco right now is 4 TB, ~25,000,000 documents, and ~125,000,000 pages. On a database of this size, search and document navigation remain instant.

Getting speed on big databases requires a combination of our usual speed strategies: (1) doing everything computationally intensive (OCR, threading, duplicates, near duplicates, imaging, indexing etc.) on ingest and in parallel rather than during review; (2) using a fast document-based database (RavenDB) and Lucene for search; and (3) running on excellent noncommodity hardware.

For > 1 TB cases, you should always use an RFP process and you should make sure to send an RFP to a Disco provider. Disco’s bid is typically 50% – 75% of the next-lowest non-Disco bid; includes complete processing, unlimited users, and unlimited digital productions at a single price; and is for software that is both faster and easier to use.

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