The Vision

We believe in great lawyers at Disco.

Great lawyers are great because of the original analysis, responsible consultation, and personal advocacy that only they can do. We are the company that will build the tools that will let great lawyers concentrate on these things only. We will automate the rest.

Our first product, Disco, is a 10x faster, 10x cheaper e-discovery document-review platform that lets lawyers find evidence faster. Our goal for Disco is to be, for finding evidence, what Westlaw is for finding law. In what we call “version 1,” the version that is currently available, we’ve focused on making the things that lawyers do 90% of the time as fast and easy to use as possible and on making Disco available on a fair, easy-to-budget-for flat-fee basis that brings complete predictability to e-discovery processing, software, and production costs. This lets lawyers do the work of document review as quickly and happily as possible. In “version 2,” which we are working on now and which we anticipate releasing in fall 2013, we will be introducing tools that multiply the productivity of lawyers by automating as much of the actual review as possible.

The law is a great and noble calling, but so much of what lawyers spend their time on is only a distraction from practicing it well. The great innovations to come in law will be innovations that reduce the amount of time lawyers spend on distractions and increase the amount of time lawyers spend on real lawyering; this will magnify the output of great lawyers the same way power tools magnify the output of a carpenter. The view people often have of lawyers is of paper pushers fighting for anything (or nothing) who don’t understand the ends to which they put the law to use or who are simply inept at using the law at all. But law done greatly is not that at all, it is the study and practice of organizing men and institutions to achieve great things — great deals, great organizations, great businesses, great governments.

I urge you to reach out to us if you want to be a part of an organization dedicated to helping lawyers practice law in this sense. The problems you work on won’t ever be unimportant.

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